Discover Spoken Word Poetry

Make your favourite drink and discover the world of spoken word poetry, and share your own!

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No censorship, No Boundaries, just raw, real emotions and ideas.

We have a variety of speakers on a variety of topics that touch on the real issues we all experience. Love, Life, Work and more. Spoken word poetry gets to the heart of the matter and speaks to the soul. Not constrained by word counts, or syllables, or length.¬†Each word enunciated with maximum effect by it’s speaker allowing it’s true intention to not just bleed from the page but from the heart.

Once you have experienced a spoken word poetry event, you will be left wanting for more.

Raw and Real

Raw Emotion Spoken Word Poetry

Speak At An Event

Get your message out there

We are always welcoming new speakers to our spoken word poetry events. Whether you are a seasoned poet with countless works, or a new poet with one or two poems you are welcome to share! We ask only ask that what you present is your own original work!

There are no formal requirements for word count, style, or length and we place no restrictions on the contents of your poem. Many of our featured poems speak on sensitive subject matter and contain profanity. However we do caution that if you wish to present multiple pieces you keep your total time to under 5 minutes this allows other speakers to go.


Open Your Mind

Discover a whole world of creativity, and self discovery.

Spoken word poetry speaks deeply to each of us in a way that is more emotional then logical. You don’t need to appreciate fine art, or literature to find the value in the prose and relate to the stanzas presented.

What are you waiting for?